Oroza provides a range of consulting engagements, workshops and training courses. Developed by our own coaches, they are crafted from the experience and expertise gained in our own business careers.

Organisational Management System

Performance = Right Person, Right Job, Right?

Before you train your people, it is vital that you have the right people doing the right jobs. We supply a unique people and job-role decision system designed for busy managers at all levels. It combines measurement and assessment tools, and analytics.  It helps you to more accurately predict job performance by precision analysis of your employees' personality variables and motivating factors. It helps you to manage your people as individuals and foster their own, unique job-related talents. You can use it through the web. It is called Organisational Management System - OMS.

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The Art of Effective Selling

The art of effective selling is Oroza's flagship programme, and has been successfully run for sales professionals and customer-facing teams all over the world. It is the foundation for all of our sales and communications programmes, and combines proven theory and personal experience with real-life practice and role-playing. Every attendee... Read more

The Art of Effective Communication

If you or any of your team members hold a client-facing role, this 3-day engagement could be of real benefit. Together with our experienced sales and communications coaches, you will examine what makes a really effective piece of spoken and written communication, before applying some of the key techniques to your own communications. As will... Read more

Sales Presentations Workshop

This practical 2-day workshop is ideal for anyone whose role requires making effective and compelling presentations, either to clients, to paying customers or to internal groups. As with all of our programmes, this workshop combines classroom tuition and practical sessions with individual coaching and peer and instructor feedback. It will... Read more

Developing the Client's Needs

Drawing on the types of behaviour that are typically encountered in meetings and client situations, this 3-day workshop is designed to help anyone wanting to build or refresh their consulting, selling or influencing skill and improve face-to-face communications. Attendees will be taken through the key methods of discovering, defining and... Read more

The Sales Efficiency Audit

We find that many sales teams are measured only against their annual targets This one or two day engagement provides your business with an independent, expert and comprehensive assessment of the sales function in terms of quality, effectiveness and use of company resources. We can help you design and operate a repeatable sales measurement... Read more

Campaign & Territory Management

This practical 3-day programme is for sales representatives and sales managers who handle complex sales and multiple customers.This wide ranging course covers the disciplines and processes of the salesman's life that must be skilfully managed to make him of her effective. Topics include: pipeline management, opportunity assessment and... Read more

Effective Negotiating

This is a highly practical programme, and is ideal for anyone whose role regularly requires careful negotiation and deal-brokering. In just 2 days, attendees will be able to recognise and understand the key behaviours employed in business negotiations and client-facing situations, and how to use and respond to these behaviours naturally and... Read more

Selling Through Finance

A two day practical workshop for anyone who must develop a persuasive business case, either internally or for a client. Topics include: financial accounting - understanding the balance sheet, the profit and loss account and the use of business ratios - and management accounting - the time value of money, appraising financial projects and... Read more

Customer care workshop

This practical 2-day workshop is for Front Office practitioners who daily deal with customers face to face or on the telephone. From "Moments of Magic" to personal empowerment, from effective communications to assertiveness and dealing with Mr. Angry, this course explores how to achieve satisfied customers at an affordable level of resource. Read more

Winning With Words

This three day programme is all about using our native language - English. This course will give you the tools to enable you to communicate with other people - whether orally or in written form - using English that is correct, clear (straightforward and precise), influential and persuasive. Read more

Think On Your Feet ®

A highly-effective and extremely realistic programme teaching better communication. Getting your ideas across clearly, concisely, persuasively (and being remembered) is a core skill for today's... Read more

Deliver effective value propositions

Your clients expect a clear, straightforward message about your products, services and solutions. They expect your sales and marketing channels to deliver it consistently. In this facilitated workshop we start by outlining the key elements of a successful value proposition message and quickly get your people working in teams to understand a... Read more

Creating your go-to-market strategy

New products, services and solutions often fail to achieve their potential through poor planning and coordination from creation through to launch in the market place and follow-through. We work with the key departments involved in creating, marketing, selling and supporting your new client offerings. We jointly set up a flexible and... Read more

Leading, Influencing & Team-Working

This 3-day workshop asks the question "What makes a great leader or an effective team". By examining the techniques employed by highly successful leaders and teams, and exploring the key management and team-playing skills used in business, attendees will be able to develop their own leadership style and influencing skills, enabling better... Read more

Tailored to Fit You

We practise what we preach. We will customise our programmes to fit your needs. For example, if your organisation has a requirement to combine Selling Skills, Campaign Management and Presentation Skills, we will assemble and interleave the necessary modules for you. This ensures the your delegates and Oroza use our time together to maximum... Read more

"Managing the Sales Campaign is an excellent course.The workshops were great - you only learn from your mistakes. "
Account Manager, Gulf Business Machines