Create a more productive workforce, simply and effectively...


It is proved that a motivated workforce is a better workforce

Too many people are still placed in the wrong jobs and kept there. They don't perform well; they are not motivated; they are not happy. They build up defence structures that impede the performance of others.

Despite better education and training, many business organisations still have trouble in making more accurate decisions about people. Why is that?

They have not educated their managers to understand workplace behaviour and motivation.  It is then hard to diagnose performance problems, identify the root causes and respond to them appropriately. Too many of those selecting and managing people know too little about what really makes an individual tick.

The solution is to measure it. If you know each of your employee's innate motivations you can place them where they will add most value. They will be happy and effective there.


How can you measure personality?

Use a toolkit called OMS (Organisational Management System). It uniquely measures both a set of basic personality traits and how those are adapted to do your current job. The similarity or difference between these profiles reveals a wealth of information about the suitability of the individual for the job and vice versa.

What is the value to your business?

A motivated and productive workforce, a lower staff turnover, and a lower management overhead. More, cheaper and easier.

Getting the best from your team

By comparing personality with job needs, you can select an individual into a job that suits how they like to work; and that plays to an individual's talents. You can do this quickly, easily and efficiently for all candidates, for all jobs and at all evels, from the shop floor to the board room.. 

Getting on better with your colleagues

OMS is also a social styles and team building tool. Its Interaction Styles (IS) module offers a quick and insightful view of employees' communication styles that they will easily remember and that they can act upon. Interaction Styles is:

  •  simple to administer and is highly visual

  •  easy to interpret

  •  licensed for in-house training for supervisory, sales, and service employees

  •  easily integrated with other training programmes

  •  applicable to sales people to help them identify buying styles and develop buyer-specific sales strategies and tactics.

Where to get OMS

Oroza can supply you with the web-based software and train you how to interpret and analyse its outputs quickly and simply. You can integrate OMS into your in-house HR systems. You can even buy iPhone apps that use OMS.