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Business Development Manager
Kuwait Business Machines
"This was the best course I have ever attended. The practical sessions really helped me learn, but the instructors were the best thing. I would recommend this to all employees – even non sales people. It's all about good communication. "
Key Accounts Manager
"Making us think beyond our normal working environment was very stimulating. I found the course very helpful to me and my team. It was time well spent."
New Business Salesman
United Computer and Management Consultancy, Dubai
"Amazing instructors! Great teachers with lots of experience and much humour. I wished it had been a longer course."
Account Manager
Gulf Business Machines
"Managing the Sales Campaign is an excellent course.The workshops were great - you only learn from your mistakes. "
HR Manager
"As the HR Manager of a large corporation that specialises in communication, I truly respect all the work that went into the Oroza OMS Course. I wish all training companies would follow your easy-to-listen and engaging approach."
Client Manager
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
"Putting theory into practice really worked for me. I learned a lot."
Managing Director of Sales
Gulf Business Machines
"I usually listen and forget on courses, but this was learn and do – great for me."
HR Director
VISA International
"I was not even aware of what could be done for my people to fix our problems until Oroza engaged with us. The results have been astounding."