So what really makes us stand apart from all the rest?

The Company

What makes Oroza so different can be summed up in just three words: experience, approach and results. This is what makes us stand out... and it's what can help you to stand out, too. It is these three aspects that set us apart from most other business coaches – and what stands us apart from the crowd is what will make you stand out, too. Ourselves – and we can share the techniques that we have developed over time to overcome these.

Three Words: Experience, Approach and Results


All of the coaching we provide is for roles that we have actually done ourselves. We understand the challenges and frustrations you are facing, because we have experienced them ourselves – and we can share the techniques that we have developed over time to help you to overcome these.


Our approach is based on trust, freedom and fun. By creating a safe environment in which to try new techniques, out clients can role-play situations and learn from each other as well as from us. Most of all, we make our coaching enjoyable: people often comment that they were having so much fun, they did not realise they were learning!


Unlike other aspects of business, human effectiveness has no defined means of measurement. What can be measured, however, are the logical side-effects of our coaching: sales figures, attrition rates, staff sickness figures and performance review ratings are all clear indicators of a team that is working more effectively and productively.


Size isn't everything in this world...

From time to time, large corporates have commented on our size, curious as to how a team of just a few can provide coaching on a larger scale. The answer to this actually lies in the question. Being such a compact group allows us to be extremely flexible and quick to act. More importantly, it lets us develop a program of activity that is completely bespoke.

And don't forget: the best coaching involves learning from one another and experimenting, not just listening to the teachers, however good they are.


Invest in your people now.

The biggest investment that a company can make is in its people. Even in an age where technology practically runs our business for us, human performance will always be the differentiator between a really successful business and a mediocre one.

Ironically, it is the times when a business needs to improve performance that focus is shifted away from its people and onto other aspects, such as structure, process or technology. However, addressing these issues without addressing your peoples' abilities is normally only a short-term fix – with the underlying issues left unresolved.

Oroza have been helping businesses improve their performance and their profit margin for over 15 years. We achieve this simply, quickly and effectively – by creating a safe place for your people to learn and try new techniques, helping them to grow in new directions and work together more effectively.

The coaching we provide is fun, rewarding, relevant and completely bespoke. You'll be amazed at the results – and at what you can achieve with a new focus.

"I was not even aware of what could be done for my people to fix our problems until Oroza engaged with us. The results have been astounding."
HR Director, VISA International
"I usually listen and forget on courses, but this was learn and do – great for me."
Salesman, Gulf Business Machines
"Putting theory into practice really worked for me."
Client Manager, Hitachi